Source: BrightSource Energy, Inc.

BrightSource Energy, Inc. (BrightSource) designs, develops and sells solar thermal power systems for utilities and industrial companies. They are Headquartered in Oakland, California and doing work in the USA and Israel.  BrightSource has approximately 2.6 gigawatts of power for Southern California Edison (SCE) and Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E); California’s two largest utilities. In addition, Bright Source manages more than about 110,000 acres in California and the U.S. Southwest with the real potential to generate 11 GW.

So the main deal here today about BrightSource is they got financing for the Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System. Ivanpah is the world‘s largest solar project and double the amount of solar thermal electricity produced in the U.S. today.

Now BrightSource’s LPT solar thermal system is currently being deployed at the Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System (ISEGS) in California’s Mojave Desert.
  • The electricity generated by all three plants is enough to serve more than 140,000 homes in California during the peak hours of the day.
  • The complex will reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by more than 400,000 tons per year.
  • Located in Ivanpah, approximately 50 miles northwest of Needles, California (about five miles from the California-Nevada border) on federal land managed by the Bureau of Land Management.