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Greater Philadelphia based LED Saving Solutions announces today three key benchmarks in its business growth on Earth Day and across April EARTH MONTH 2011.  Holy Green Lighting!!!

#1: The largest monthly sales in company history

#2: The Underwriters Laboratories (UL) listing of the company’s new Parking Garage Fixture

#3: Con Edison’s approval of the company as a Commercial and Industrial Energy Efficiency Market Partner.

#1: The largest monthly sales in company history

The top sales in April 2011 are a direct result of the foundation work in preceding months and years. Many of the April sales were seeded at the beginning of this year, and some trail back to 2010 and earlier. The long sales cycle is in many ways due to the NEW factor of the LED technology and the fact that property owners and operators need to feel comfortable with both the savings and the light quality. So over each year, LED Saving Solutions provides hundreds of lighting audits for clients across the US and across a diverse range of property types. The audits feed the company’s ‘Savings Report’ software which illustrates the current cost of the lighting relative to the savings potential with LEDs among many other factors. LED Savings Solutions also works with its clients to provide sample installations or Luminaire Field Tests to demonstrate the color quality, dimming features, and overall output and photometrics. This simply takes time and quality service is a key aspect of any smart technology delivery. The NEW factor also typically requires a ‘Taste Test’ in that clients want to see the LEDs in their own ceiling before making a major purchase. To that end, the analogy is not unlike a patron at a restaurant requesting a sip of wine or purchasing just a glass, before going on to buy a bottle, a case, and eventually perhaps stocking a wine cellar. LED Saving Solutions has provided a lot of tastings that have turned into sales, and this month the sales have started to move beyond glasses to bottles and they are moving quickly on the way toward cases and beyond. The April the sales range from clients in the Resort sector to Telecommunications, as well as a currently confidential engagement for one of the US Armed Services.

#2: The Underwriters Laboratories (UL) listing of the company’s new Parking Garage Fixture –

On April 22nd, The UL Listing File #: E344242 is the reward at the end of a long journey and chain of research and development. The review process by Underwriters Laboratories takes approximately seven weeks, but the Parking Garage Fixture has been under development along with multiple releases of linear ‘tube’ LEDs since 2009. The LED tubes are at the core and the efficiency of the accompanying power supply ‘driver’ has also increased at each turn. The earliest version of the Driver had a Power Factor of approximately 60% and then the next one increased to 80%, with the one now in the UL Parking Garage Fixture running at a .996 Power Factor. This high level of efficiency produces such cost effective lighting because it is over 99% efficient. LED Savings Solutions has a diverse range of LEDs and Fixtures beyond the Parking Garage applications that include ‘Best of Breed’ solutions for other property types. The key property types beyond parking include: Industrial Factories, Warehouses, and Distribution Centers; Office, Institutional, and Multi-Family; Convenience Stores and Gas Stations; Big Box Retail and Grocery Store Chains; Fast Food, Family Dinning, and Independent Restaurants.

#3: Con Edison’s approval of the company as a Commercial and Industrial Energy Efficiency Market Partner

On April 21st, Con Edison approved LED Saving Solutions as one the Con Edison Commercial and Industrial Energy Efficiency Market Partners. For more than 180 years, Con Edison, Inc. has served the world’s most dynamic and demanding marketplace – metropolitan New York. Since the utility company provides electric service to approximately 3.3 million customers, LED Saving Solutions is well positioned to help Con Edison customers by creating efficiencies that reduce the operating costs on lighting by 50% to 85%. From its NY Metro base office at East 60th Street in Manhattan, LED Saving Solutions initially reached out to its immediate neighboring businesses like celebrated restaurants and clothing retailers on 5th Avenue. These clients saw the value in the LED lights as a way to both enhance the interior design and save money. On the direct energy savings front, other LED Saving Solutions NYC clients include high rises in Mid-Town where the 24/7 hours of illumination in the Fire Stair Towers offer paybacks inside of two years with a lifetime run of almost a decade.

The review process by Con Edison included direct contact with existing clients of LED Saving Solutions, and LSS is now well positioned as a Con Edison Energy Efficiency Marketing Partner to help more companies realize kWh reduction as well as leverage rebate and incentive programs to reduce the lighting retrofit costs.

“Our LED Saving Solutions team is pleased to see the breakthrough sales numbers in April. Plus, the UL listing on the new Parking Fixture and the Con Edison approval give us a powerful launch pad for even more sales in Q2 of this year and beyond.” Charlie Szoradi – President, LED Saving Solutions.


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SECTOR LEADERSHIP: LED Savings Solutions supports its clients with lighting expertise in key industry ‘verticals’. We not only have experience in these sectors through our Lighting Audits, Savings Reports, or LED Installations, but we also have seen the savings potential and understand the nuanced needs over other property types.

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