In the world of green living, Claudia Salinas stands out! She always does! Not only is she an accomplished actress and producer. However, she is also a passionate advocate for green living. She seeks out green living products daily. While still modeling others to maintain her bottom line as an entrepreneur, yet Claudia’s dedication to promoting a sustainable lifestyle is something that shouldn’t go unnoticed. Moreover her beauty.  Now I’m not just talking looks. For the Green Living Guy always checks that on every awardee. For Claudia is someone special.  A blessing to have on this earth. Without question. That’s what has earned her the prestigious title of 2023 Green Living Guy Breakthrough Model of the Year.


In addition, her extensive knowledge is nothing to go unnoticed. For Claudia has also become a go-to resource for all things related to green living. In this article, we will explore Claudia’s journey to becoming a green living expert. Also, her contributions to the sustainable fashion industry and such an absolute love for nature itself.

Claudia Salinas

Claudia Salinas Early Life and Education

Born on August 19, 1981, Claudia Salinas grew up in Monterrey, Mexico. From a young age, she showed a deep passion for the environment and a desire to make a positive impact. At the age of 4, Claudia began training as a ballet dancer, which instilled in her a strong sense of discipline and dedication. Despite her love for dance, Claudia also excelled academically and went on to study Industrial and Systems Engineering at the prestigious Universidad Regiomontana. So her early education provided her with a solid foundation in problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Those essential skills that would later prove invaluable in her advocacy for sustainability. It’s a beautiful mind!

Claudia Salinas

Claudia Salinas Acting Career and Green Living Advocacy

After completing her engineering degree, Claudia Salinas decided to pursue her true passion for acting. She moved to New York City and enrolled at the renowned Lee Strasberg Institute to study drama. Claudia’s talent and hard work soon paid off. So she began landing roles in independent films and major Hollywood productions. However, her success as an actress did not diminish her commitment to environmental causes. In fact, Claudia used her platform in the entertainment industry to raise awareness about the importance of sustainable living.

Supermodel Claudia Salinas

Sustainable Fashion and Claudia Salinas

One of Claudia Salinas’ notable contributions to the green living movement is her work in the sustainable fashion industry. As a model and influencer, Claudia has collaborated with numerous sustainable brands (Canadian Goose, Honey Burdette, Well Being + Being Well, Grlfrnd, etica denim, Melie Bianco, House of Gro, Columbia jackets and others). All to promote their products and raise awareness about the need for eco-friendly fashion choices. Her partnership with these brands has allowed her to showcase the beauty and versatility of sustainable fashion. Thereby debunking the myth that eco-friendly clothing is dull or unfashionable. Claudia’s influence as a model has helped shift the perception of sustainable fashion. For it inspires others to make conscious choices. Most importantly when it comes to their wardrobe.

Claudia Salinas’ Green Living Tips

As a green living lover, Claudia Salinas has a wealth of knowledge and practical tips. Especially to share with those looking to embrace a more sustainable lifestyle. Here are some of her top recommendations for incorporating green living practices into daily life:

  1. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Embrace the three R’s of sustainability by reducing waste, reusing items whenever possible, and recycling materials that can’t be reused.
  2. Conserve Energy: Be mindful of your energy consumption by turning off lights when not in use, using energy-efficient appliances, and opting for natural light whenever possible.
  3. Choose Sustainable Products: Support brands that prioritize sustainability by opting for eco-friendly and ethically sourced products, whether it’s clothing, household items, or personal care products.
  4. Eat Locally and Seasonally: Choose locally grown and seasonal produce to reduce the carbon footprint associated with transportation and support local farmers and businesses.
  5. Limit Single-Use Plastics: Minimize the use of single-use plastics such as water bottles, straws, and plastic bags by opting for reusable alternatives.
  6. Embrace Renewable Energy: Consider installing solar panels or supporting renewable energy initiatives to reduce reliance on fossil fuels and support a clean energy future.
  7. Get Involved: Join local environmental organizations, participate in clean-up events, and stay informed about environmental issues to make a positive impact in your community.

By following these tips, Claudia Salinas believes that everyone can contribute to a more sustainable future and make a difference in the world.

Claudia Salinas’ Impact and Recognition

Claudia Salinas’ dedication to green living and sustainable practices has not gone unnoticed. Her efforts have earned her the title of Breakthrough Model of the Year, recognizing her contributions to sustainable fashion. Claudia’s influence extends beyond the fashion industry. Especially when she models eco-friendly clothing, makeup and her commitment to promoting a healthy lifestyle. Her passion, knowledge, and enthusiasm have made her my pick for 2023.


Claudia Salinas is more than just a talented actress and producer. She is a passionate advocate for healthy and sustainable practices. Through her work in the sustainable fashion industry, Claudia has become a new voice in the green living movement. Her commitment to raising awareness and inspiring change has earned her recognition as a Breakthrough Model of the Year. With her expertise and enthusiasm, Claudia Salinas continues to make a positive impact in the world of green living and encourages others to join her in creating a more healthy and amazing future.