Blogpost by Jodie Van Horn

The Facebook: Unfriend Coal campaign, much like the company at the center of it, has quickly spread across the globe. Perhaps this is because so many young people, early adopters of the platform and avid social networkers, also care deeply about the environment. Ironically, the quickness with which the campaign to get Facebook to go coal-free has gone global can largely be attributed to its use.

A tremendous international response to the Unfriend Coal campaign has made it clear that no matter where people use Facebook to find lost acquaintances, post photos, or keep up with friends, they would prefer to do so on a clean and renewably powered platform. This message has been conveyed to the company in many ways, always creative and often quite funny.

Although Facebook has not yet given these folks the robust commitment to clean energy that they’ve been calling for, we hope that Zuckerberg and his pals share an appreciation or at least a sense of humor for the efforts. Check out this sampling from around the world:


African activists pulled together this beautiful photo message with participation from people in Uganda, Senegal, Camaroon, Zimbabwe, and South Africa.

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