Switch Lighting, the only company with the closest alternative to incandescent-quality light, announced the first ever 100 watt-equivalent LED bulb.  The bulb is being unveiled at the 2011 LIGHTFAIR International Trade Show in Philadelphia during March 17 – 19th.
Switch Lighting LED
Using their “City of Light”™ technology, the bulb creates a self-cooling environment inside, allowing maximum brightness with fewer LEDs. This is the brightest LED replacement bulb available and Switch is the only company with this innovative technology.

“The Switch LED bulbs will be on store shelves in the Fall of this year (4th quarter)at your favorite retail store.

The price ultimately depends on the retailer, but we expect them to cost less than any other LED bulb currently on the market.

We estimate that the price will be between $20 and $30 at retail.

Keep in mind the payback period is one year meaning you have recovered the cost of the bulb in as little as 12 months.

And you can save $185.00 in energy costs over the life of the bulb.”

We are putting a significant focus on being environmentally sustainable by going through Cradle to Cradle certification(cm). We want to ensure we get back all components at the end of the light bulb’s useful light for use in a next generation product.

“Nobody in the LED space can produce this incandescent-quality light. The brightest LED you can see on the shelf is a 60 watt-equivalent.  We announced our 75 watt-equivalent last month, now we’re announcing the 100 watt equivalent,” said Boris Lipkin, CEO of Switch Lighting.

Switch will conduct live demonstrations of their 100W LED replacement bulb at their booth on the LIGHTFAIR trade show floor. They will also show their 75W and 60W equivalent bulbs. All of their bulbs offer incandescent quality light, are dimmable, and can be used in any direction.

“We will be showing a 100 watt equivalent A19 lamp that produces 1700 lumens in neutral white—the same beautiful white color as halogen track lighting. ” said Brett Sharenow, Switch Lighting’s Chief Strategy Officer. “We will offer a warm white version of the 100W equivalent bulb in mid- to late-2012.” added Sharenow.

The Switch bulb designs are inspired by the Cradle to Cradle™ principals.  All parts and components can be reused, recycled, or reclaimed so there is very little chance any part will end up in landfill.  Bill McDonough, co-author of Cradle to Cradle explains, “When the bulbs are returned, they could become part of a bicycle, or could be returned to the biosphere to become fertilizer.”

“With our unique self-cooling technology, we offer the most affordable, energy-efficient light bulb on the market that is nearly identical to the regular incandescent bulbs we’ve come to love.” says Brett Sharenow, Switch’s Chief Strategy Officer.

Switch introduced its unique technology on April 19th with the company launch announcement. 

Source: Switch Lighting

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