Roxul Inc., the North American operation of the world’s largest producer of stone wool insulation, Rockwool International, has introduced its globally successful residential insulation products to the United States for the first time.Both Roxul® Safe’n’Sound™, an acoustical insulation for interior walls, and Roxul® ComfortBatt®,a superior thermal insulation for exterior walls, are fire resistant, water repellant and made from stone.   

Unlike other insulations currently available to consumers, Roxul Safe’n’Sound and Roxul ComfortBatt are made of stone wool, a combination of natural basalt rock and recycled slag, a mineral by product of smelted ore. Stone wool’s unique characteristics give homeowners an added level of comfort and safety, while providing the benefits of superior thermal and acoustical insulation

Fire Resistant – Stone wool has excellent fire resistant qualities which can delay the spread of fire – and during a fire, every second counts. Roxul stone wool insulation is non-combustible and can withstand temperatures up to 2150ºF (1177ºC).

Water Repellant – Roxul insulation repels water, so R-value is not affected.  It is also completely resistant to rot, mildew, mold and bacteria growth – contributing to a safer indoor environment. Becase Roxul insulation does not absorb water, it will not sag or lose its shape, and will retain its R-value indefinitely.    

Sound Absorbent – The unique non-directional structure of Roxul insulation’s stone wool content is denser than traditional insulations. This effectively reduces airflow and sound transmissions. Higher air flow resistance means better sound reduction.

Saves Energy – An exceptional thermal insulator, stone wool helps a home stay warmer in winter and cooler in summer. That also translates into reduced heating and air conditioning costs – and a house that is easier on the environment.  When properly installed, Roxul saves 128 times more energy than was used for its production, transport and disposal.  Roxul stone wool insulation qualifies for applicable government rebate programs.

Ease of Use Roxul stone wool insulation can easily be cut with a serrated blade, even a bread knife, a benefit any DIY-er or contractor will surely appreciate. This allows for optimal fit around electrical boxes, wiring, plumbing and ductwork. The result is better R-valueand maximum sound absorptionand fire protection.

Roxul offers two distinct typesof fire-resistant insulation to make every room in a home more energy-efficient,quietand safe.

Roxul ComfortBatt isthermal insulation for use in exterior walls, attics and crawlspaces and basements. It provides consistent, comfortable indoor temperatures and energy savings throughout the year. At R15 for 2×4” construction and R23 for 2×6” construction, Roxul ComfortBatt provides improved levels of energy efficiency, and creating a comfortable indoor environment.

Roxul Safe’n’Sound is soundproofing insulation for use in interior walls, ceilings and floors. Safe’n’Sound provides an additional layer of protection and comfort while minimizing noise transfer due to its high density and non-directional fiber makeup. Safe‘n’Sound is ideal for installation in the interior walls of a home and is perfect for soundproofing a bathroom, bedroom, home theater, laundry room, nursery or recording studio.

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