While at the Sundance Film Festival I rented a 2010 Toyota Prius and felt more than comfortable and safe while driving and braking down the mountain.

Please note that this happened BEFORE the whole Toyota recall, so people shouldn’t think I am writing a bandwagon article.  It has just been interesting to write it now given the recent auto recall.
My intent at the Sundance Film Festival, on a professional level, was to launch my new blog talk radio show and also start writing and video for Josh Dorfman, the Lazy Environmentalist. Instead, I almost launched myself off a mountain.  Just kidding!!  Seriously, I should have gotten a hotel in Park City, Utah where the festival was held so that I didn’t have to leave the mountain  You don’t want to be driving around after really hanging out at the parties I saw!!

Yes, the Car Handled Well
So what am I saying?  Plus, this was a Third generation Toyota Prius or 2010 Prius.  I did use those brakes like you wouldn’t believe.  The vehicle handled well, kept up with slow traffic since if the vehicle accelerated in the amount of snow coming down on us.  I mean it was pounding to the point where EVERYONE on the mountain highway stopped their car for a good hour.  Then we drove down the rest of the mountain.

However, either I was terrified because of the amazing blizzard around me; whatever.  It doesn’t frankly matter.   Most compact cars were in the RIGHT hand lane unless they knew the Toyota Prius did not do well in the middle lane on the highway at those speeds.  Frankly, I didn’t feel safe driving those speeds either, so I just stuck to the right hand lane.  Therefore, all went surprisingly well for a vehicle in the middle of the lovely blizzard that literally shut down the highway for an hour type of blizzard.  Yet, I did not feel like I’m going to die or anything just that I really couldn’t take lightly the power of a plug-in hybrid electric or all electric vehicle conversions for a truck versus a vehicle in these parts.

It was a tiring drive but I am glad I can report about the experience for the sake of Planet Green and all the other outlets I write for but then I realized it.  I am driving down a mountain in the middle of a blizzard in a brand new hybrid and it handled well!

Regenerative Braking Even Handled Well

I mean that shifter needs some work but the brakes handled great.  I just couldn’t figure out how to go from Park to reverse and drive; whatever I am safe and felt safe.  It wasn’t a small sedan.  The long glass trunk was really helpful for backing up in reverse and when I hit the brake I knew that it was going straight to regenerative braking.

Regenerative braking in itself is a very safe braking experience for those that have had the pleasure to use a hybrid electric or electric vehicle regenerative braking system.  Bottom line, when you hit the brake and there is no question that you are braking.

Why Can’t We Just Get More Hybrid Trucks on the Road For Starters?
Utah was the glorious mountains bring a lot of snow and wind. You need something strong, durable, safe and efficient.  Tough task but all the cars could have been more hybrid.  Who is to say that GM, Chrysler, Toyota or anyone not have a safe car.  In fact, I felt safe driving in the third generation or NEW Toyota Prius and this was BEFORE the recall on brakes.

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