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By – Bob Batson

Recently, I attended a business seminar in Concord NH at the Grappone Conference Center.  To my surprise – when I stepped outside, I saw this charging station at the adjacent Marriott.  I was surprised!  This is the only public charging station in NH!
Charging stations 
The list of all U.S charging stations is listed at:    
Looking at the states revealed: 

The Fuel Act sponsored by Sen. Kent Conrad (D-ND) wants to authorize $2 billion to selected communities for more charging facilities and incentives to deploy 400,000 EVs. 

This makes me wonder how often these charging stations are used. 

I remember in 1991 when my Dodge Ram 50 ran out of energy.  My solution was to stop at a house and ask to plug in for a short time.  The homeowner said they were pleased to help.

Anyway, hope this helps you in your EV travels.
Help Locate Maine Charging Stations  

Wayne Krauth  of the Portland Council of Governments is  looking to roll out public charging stations to help promote interest in and adoption of electric vehicles.

If you are a Maine EV driver (or soon to be EV driver!), help us determine how and where the charging station roll-out will occur.

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