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In the human world there are side sleepers, back sleepers or stomach sleepers; in the canine world, cuddlers and sprawlers. Cuddlers like to curl up at rest, nose-to-tail, while sprawlers stretch their limbs out full length in sleep.


Dogs who fall in the ‘cuddler’ category will take great comfort in two of PoochPlanet’s newest beds: CouchComfort and DreamBoat+. These two distinctive beds are uniquely different from one another, yet have this in common; they surround cuddle-loving dogs with plush perimeter walls that provide nest-like privacy, security and warmth.

“PoochPlanet has made the most of a dog’s different sleeping styles by designing beds to meet each style,” said Christina Gray, Marketing Communications Manager. “This makes it easier for dog owners to find just the right bed to suit their dog.

CouchComfort and DreamBoat+ are just two of many PoochPlanet pet beds designed for dogs that love to curl into a cozy ball at sleep time. The beds come in a range of sizes for all dog types and in decorator colors and patterns that style-conscious pet owners will also take a cozy to. Like all PoochPlanet pet beds, CouchComfort and DreamBoat+ are made using environmentally-responsible resources, such as EcoRest® recycled fiber blend made from recycled plastic bottles. Here’s more about each bed:

CouchComfort pet bed
As its name implies, CouchComfort draws its design cues from those deeply cushioned, super comfy couches that are the favorite spot for relaxing in almost every household. This bed features a lower front opening for easy access while its overstuffed sides and back provide a sense of security as well as important head and neck support. Its 26” x 19” x 8” dimensions make it perfect for use by either dogs are cats and it is machine washable for easy care.

DreamBoat+  pet bed
The DreamBoat+ surrounds pets with cozy wrap around style and plush comfort. Its overstuffed back and sides taper to a low front for easy access. Pets who want to cuddle up and watch the world go by will love the wrap-around walls that provide cozy head and neck support. This bed is available in medium (22” x 19” x 7”) and large (30” x 36” x 10”) sizes and is covered in machine washable materials.

CouchComfort sells for around $22.The DreamBoat+ retails from $32 for the medium bed to $42 for the larger version. Both beds are available at Walmart. For more information about these beds or other PoochPlanet products please visit the website at

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