SPI Solar (“SPI”) a leading developer of photovoltaic (“PV”) solar energy facilities, today announced that it has entered into an EPC contract with North Palm Springs Investments, LLC and has commenced construction on an 8-megawatt DC utility-scale development located near Palm Springs, California.  A power purchase agreement (“PPA”) with Southern California Edison (“SCE”) makes SCE the exclusive purchaser of the electricity generated by the SPI system for a 20-year period. During that term, SPI will provide monitoring services via the Company’s proprietary Solar PowerView monitoring system to monitor and maintain optimal system performance and ensure maximum electricity production.

“We are very pleased to have this project under way. SCE is a great partner to work with and this is both our largest utility-scale project, and our largest project with SCE to date,” said Steve Kircher, CEO for SPI.  “We are pursuing utility-scale projects, as well as a growing number of distributed generation projects across the US,” Mr. Kircher added.  “This week we are attending the Intersolar North American conference in San Francisco where we will be meeting with several prospects interested in developing strategic partnerships with us like the one we recently announced with KDC Solar. We are excited about our pipeline development and the opportunities it represents for our company,” Mr. Kircher concluded.

The Palm Springs development will utilize approximately 33,880 solar modules manufactured by LDK for SPI on a single-axis tracker system covering a total of 36.5 acres on two separate parcels.  SPI’s single-axis tracking systems allow arrays to mechanically tilt the strings of panels to follow the course of the sun, maintain an optimal angle relative to the position of the sun from sunrise to sunset, and thus maximize the electricity production capabilities of the system.  SPI incorporates innovative and environmentally friendly installation practices in its construction procedures resulting in minimal disruption to native conditions. (For video on installation of SPI’s tracker systems go to: http://www.spisolar.com/Page.aspx?PageID=44.)

When complete, the system will produce an estimated 8,000 kilowatt hours of electricity in the first year, the equivalent of removing 10,912 miles driven by cars from the highway and offsetting 6 metric tons of CO2 from the environment.  

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