Firstly, KDC Solar LLC, a leading developer, owner and operator of solar power facilities announced today that it has begun construction on a 23.5-megawatt solar photovoltaic system in Jackson, New Jersey.  This system will supply Six Flags Great Adventure with renewable energy and most of all electrical load at the park.  When completed, the project will be the largest net metered solar installation in the New Jersey.

In addition, the KDC solar facility will produce about 30 million kilowatt-hours of clean electricity in the first year. Additionally, the environmental benefits of the project are immense. They solar are equal to providing power for 2,787 homes for a year.  Also, compared to removing about 108,000 cars from the road.

As written before folks, here are some numbers to contemplate. According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, the growth in solar power generation in 2016 alone projected to reach 119 percent. Wind power’s growth is even more phenomenal. In addition and according to the Energy Department, wind power capacity installed in 2000 was 2.53 gigawatts across four states. By 2020 expected to reach 113.43 GW across 36 states. Finally, by 2050, it expected to reach 404.25 GW in 48 states.

Type of solar farms out there which could be used for Six Flags.
Type of solar farms out there which could be used for Six Flags.

As well, debt financing for the KDC Solar project provided by Seminole Financial Services. They financed through a construction and a permanent loan facility.  Also, development capital and project equity arranged.  It financed by GoldenSet Capital Partners in its role as sub-advisor to the North Sky Capital Alliance Fund II. Finally, KDC Solar team has a serious history of completing and developing significant energy projects.


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