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Like in Do It Yourself Home Energy Audits, my former employer , the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) did energy efficiency audits and improvements for NYC municipalities, K-12 school districts, hospitals, businesses and colleges.  They are saving in energy costs more than $5.5 million annually.

The energy savings in New York City—35.3 million kilowatt hours—is equivalent to the amount of electricity consumed by 5,100 single-family homes and will be realized by these entities every year for years to come. Payback on the measures is approximately three to five years.

Companies and institutions that made performance-based upgrades not only save energy but also improve productivity and lower equipment maintenance and operating costs.

NYSERDA’s commercial and industrial programs provided more than $6.9 million in incentives to 274 New York City businesses and institutions during the first six months of 2011. These incentives helped fund the purchase and installation of high performance lighting and controls, HVAC, high efficiency chillers and boilers, building management systems and various other energy efficiency measures.

New York City incentive recipients included:

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