Principal Solar, Inc (PSWW), a publicly traded renewable energy holding company which concentrates its resources on rapidly advancing the inevitable, worldwide utilization of solar power through a unique roll-up strategy. For today launched the Definitive Solar Library, the world’s first online reference center dedicated exclusively to solar energy.

“Efforts to capture the power of the sun at a reasonable cost continue to evolve, positioning solar energy as one of the hottest topics around the world and creating the need for straightforward information and perspectives that improve upon the renewable energy exchange of ideas,” says Michael Gorton, CEO and president of Principal Solar, Inc. “By defining the issues, collecting and distributing information, the Definitive Solar Library will serve as a valuable educational outpost for leaders of government, business and academia. It will also be accessible to consumers who want to join the dialogue.” In conjunction with launch of the Library, Principal Solar today released two white papers:

Papers to Further the Case

In conjunction with launch of the Library, Principal Solar today released two white papers:

  1. ·       “Under the Sun: Putting Environmental and Regulatory Issues to Work,” co-authored by Gorton and Scott D. Deatherage, partner, Patton Boggs, guides investors through the technical, legal and environmental issues required for making solar projects work successfully.
  2. ·       “Interfacing with the Electrical Grid,” co-authored by Ken Allen, chief operating officer, Principal Solar, and Ron Seidel, PE, board of directors, Principal Solar, outlines the interconnection of power sources with renewable generation and the roles of federal, regional and state regulatory agencies in the processes.

All the Attributes 

In addition, because more entities have become aware of solar energy and its many attributes. Thereby timing for this launch is ideal. So they expect the Library to improve upon existing practices. Finally and deliver additional solutions that advance significant social and economic value to communities. In addition to governments and individuals worldwide.