Vers has added a new member to their line of sustainably built earphones. Combining the natural beauty and acoustic properties of Walnut and Bamboo, they are the most environmentally thoughtful earphones available on the market. The new Vers 7E rounds out the Vers line that brings the look, feel and natural acoustic qualities of wood to the world of mobile sound.

“Our customers tell us that they are using their mobile devices for much more then just music listening – their smart phones and tablets are quickly becoming their platform of choice for not just music, but for watching movies, videos and playing games,” says David Laituri, creative director and founder of Vers. “The new Vers 7E was developed with this shift in mind, delivering deeper, enhanced bass for a more engaging personal entertainment experience.” The earphones compliment Vers’ popular wood cases for iPhone, iPad and iTouch.

Wood is simply the very best material for sound reproduction – it’s rigid, allowing the music to be heard as intended, but provides a natural warmth to the music not possible with plastic earphones,” says Laituri. “Like our popular Vers sound systems and cases, the Vers 7E earphone line was created with the same passion for performance, beauty and sustainability; for each tree we use in production, 100 are re-planted through our partnership with The Arbor Day Foundation and the U.S. Forestry Service. Use a tree – plant a forest; we’re excited to be able to go beyond achieving sustainability to helping to restore the environment where it’s needed most.”

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