As the cool air sweeps soon into a distant memory, everyone will be looking for ways to bring warmth back into the home. Laura Jo Wegman, Design Director for Coyuchi, the first company to bring organic cotton bedding to the U.S., suggest adding warm tones and swapping out light summer fabrics for heavier, softer textiles to create a comfortable cold weather space.

1) Switch up the Sheets: Swap out cool, white sheeting with warm fall tones for a pop of color. Coyuchi’s new cotton/linen sheeting is a perfect fabric for fall – they sleep much warmer than cotton due to the linen woven in – perfect for cooler nights!

2) Throw Blankets Everywhere!: Cold evenings call for curling up under a soft, warm throw on the couch. Throw blankets are the fastest way to update you style for the season while also keeping you cozy. Bring one to bed for an extra layer of warmth! 

3) Cover Up: Treat yourself to a robe for hopping out of the shower on cold mornings, or wear over your pajamas to keep the chill out at night.

4) Pops of Color: Change the look of your bed or sofa by giving it a touch of new personality. Add colorful pillows to warm up your space, or try our embroidered pillowcases for just a bit of a new look without having to change your whole bed.

5) Seasonal Splurge: Give yourself or someone you love the gift of our new, Brahms Mount Organic Wool Blanket. The first of it’s kind, this 100% organic wool design softer than any wool you’ve ever felt, and is light and lofty so you can breath.

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