Kyocera Corporation announced that their high-performance solar modules went EV charging station carport in southern Germany for electric vehicles and bikes. The system was designed and installed by BLU”e” Solar Group GmbH.

Kyocera solar modules used for an electric car and bike charging station in southern Germany which provides power for a charging station for electric cars and bikes. The system was designed and installed by BLU”e” Solar Group GmbH.

Electric-powered automobiles and bicycles are becoming increasingly popular in Germany as they provide a convenient and eco-friendly method of transportation.

“We have selected Kyocera solar modules because we are impressed with the company’s product quality,” stated Werner Steinbrunner, managing director of the BLU”e” Solar Group GmbH.

This solar-powered charging station is just the latest in a long line of projects that Kyocera. For example:

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