The Green Living Guy

This past Saturday I spoke at Live Green Connecticut! Thanks to Scot Weicker and Daphne Dixon, I spoke about issues such as saving money by “going green” to learning how to get a “green” job.

While the discussion was supposed to take place in the Dolce Coffeehouse, I rocked it out on the festival stage instead.
A complete list of presenters may be viewed at
I even hung out with Discover GreenTowns and helped people to join the Connecticut network where supporters of sustainability can share ideas, events and green initiatives. To join the network today, visit, and start sharing your green initiatives.

Featured attractions and exhibits include local and organic food, marine ecology and nature center exhibits, wind and solar displays, hands-on kid’s activities, environmental/conservation organizations, the Tesla Roadster was there, landscape and garden centers, green careers and education, eco-art, eco-fashion, entertainment, Remy C for Rock the Reactors!

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