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Greetings from Taiji, Japan. If you haven’t seen the Oscar winning documentary film “The Cove” yet, please watch it. As one movie critic said.

“The film itself is an act of heroism.” View the trailer here:

So I am in the tiny fishing village of Taiji, Japan for the third time in past year. Al because of this powerful film The Cove. Also, I wanted to share my latest blog from Taiji. Consequently which includes a couple videos I made this week:

I was caught in Typhoon Talas here – in the area I am in, many people died and many are still missing. After living without access to water for several days, I now have a much deeper understanding of the water stress issues that over 1.1 billion people on our planet face every day. I will never take for granted the ability to shower, wash my hands or flush a toilet ever again. There is no better way to understand an issue than to go through it yourself.

For the earth…


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