The BBC recently reported that the United States issued a slamming smack down to BP oil spill.  They called it the worst oil spill in US history, BP had poor leadership and truly without a doubt, a poor cement job by BP and its contractors.

BP was “ultimately responsible” for rig safety, with Transocean responsible for safe operations and worker safety.  BP tried to save time and money at the cost of safety, and Transocean operated normally despite the hazards, it said.

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BP oil spill disaster

Right.. Look here is the memo on this situation.  To avoid a coverup, BP admitted fault but only to an extent.  The EPA also insisted on dispersants too so I don’t really know if it’s just BP or a collaborated cluster.. Commissioned in April 2010, just days after the explosion at the rig, the report also offers recommendations to improve the way the offshore drilling industry is regulated. For the entire story Source: BBC