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As a total solar energy solution provider, Conergy is now offering a full portfolio of Conergy manufactured mounting systems for the North American market. The mounting system portfolio includes complete solutions for every type of PV installation – SunTop IV and the North American preview of SunTop Trapez for pitched roof; SunTop tilt units for flat roofs and a new aerodynamic solution for weight-limited flat roofs; Solar Giant, a ballasted ground-mount solution and SolarLinea a driven pile mounting system for free field. With 18 years of mounting systems experience, 1 GW of mounting systems sold and the combined expertise of project developers, wholesalers and formerly as installers, Conergy developed its mounting system portfolio to solve solar installation challenges faced in the real world.

Conergy mounting system

An Aerodynamic Mounting Solution 
Conergy will unveil its light-weight, limited ballast commercial roof mounting system at Solar Power International. This new system, leverages aerodynamic forces to decrease ballasting, enabling installation on rooftops that currently can’t support a solar array.

Conergy Mounting System Portfolio
In order to decrease installation time and costs, Conergy’s entire mounting system portfolio arrives with extensively pre-assembled parts and pre-fabricated components to eliminate the need for drilling and cutting in the field. As part of Conergy’s efforts to bring value throughout the PV supply chain, its mounting system portfolio is designed to simplify logistics and improve design flexibility. The patented QuickStone technology that is used across the portfolio, substantially simplifies and speeds installation while reducing shipping and inventory complexities. For example, the same 6 mm Allen Wrench is the main tool needed for installation for the entire portfolio. The flexible design and use of components that do not require expensive equipment for installation decrease or even eliminate expensive prep work and site modifications.

Conergy mounting systems are manufactured in Sacramento, California and Ontario, Canada to meet Ontario Power Authority local content requirements for Feed-in-Tariff eligibility.

Source: Conergy

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