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UC Davis West Village, the largest planned zero net energy community in the United States. For it also will hold an open house and ribbon-cutting ceremony. A ceremony to celebrate completion of its first 350 apartments. As well as a recreation center and village square.

More informationally, the celebration, from 9:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.  For it will also feature speakers, tours and also a barbecue. All events are free and open to the public.

An Achievement

UC Davis West Village is a tremendous achievement. For that’s something that all of us on campus and in our region can take great pride in. That was said by John Meyer. John is the vice chancellor of Administrative and Resource Management.

Phase 1

Phase I of the community’s construction has generated some 300 jobs and created new apartments that will house 850 students, faculty and staff. Phase I also includes the Sacramento City College Davis Center, the first community college satellite on a University of California campus.

Then the first phase also provides 42,500 square feet of retail and commercial space as well. In addition, tenants will include a planned campus energy “uHub”.  One which will aggregate several campus research centers. As well as provide help facilitate interactions. Especially with the private sector in the area of energy research.


Future phases of the development will include single-family homes for faculty and staff. Also housing that will help the university to recruit and retain top employees. Those who can live locally and participate fully. All in the life of the campus and community. A site is also reserved fora day care center.

* The energy-efficient features that will help UC Davis West Village to achieve its zero net energy goal and allow residents to live not only sustainably. In addition and also comfortably. Zero net energy means that the community will generate as much energy as it consumes in the course of a year.

* Furthermore, the innovative public-private partnerships among UC Davis, West Village Community Partners and others involved in the creation of the community.

* Sacramento City College Davis Center, which opens to its first students in January.

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