This story by Susan Casey-Lefkowitz, International Program Director at NRDC explains why the Keystone XL pipeline is the wrong course for America by deepening our dependence on oil and global warming pollution and Anthony demonstrates why the Keystone pipeline would sabotage our clean energy (and economic) future:

The latest Washington Post editorial once again gets it wrong on the importance of the proposed Keystone XL pipeline that would bring the climate change-causing, dirty tar sands oil from under Canada’s Boreal forest to the Gulf Coast refineries.

The Post editorial seemed upset that on Friday at the final State Department hearing about this pipeline, people had cried as though this is somehow not a valid part of the democratic process. What we need is clean energy. And if the tears of a teenager from Nebraska across whose land this dangerous pipeline would run take us one step closer to that clean energy, I am thankful to her that she had the bravery to come to a State Department hearing in DC and shed them.

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Source: Natural Resources Defense Council Press Office

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