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The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has reinstated the Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) reporting requirements for hydrogen sulfide. This decision also follows a petition. One that was also filed by several environmental groups. For they were all calling for the reinstatement of the reporting requirements. So then the report occurred. Now their hydrogen sulfide release was brought under report requirements. 

Report Hydrogen Sulfide Release: It’s A Toxic Gas

Hydrogen sulfide is a toxic gas. One most commonly that can cause serious health problems when inhaled. It is also commonly found in oil and gas production. Moreover it can be released into the air. Especially during drilling and fracking operations.

Reinstatement of Reporting Hydrogen Sulfide Requirements

First of all, the EPA’s decision to reinstate the TRI reporting requirements for hydrogen sulfide most importantly means something.  Now those companies that produce or use the gas will be required to report. Most importantly, that’s all of their releases and to the public. This information will be available on the EPA’s TRI website. Thereby allowing concerned citizens to monitor the releases in their communities.

Report Hydrogen Sulfide Release: EPA Reinstates Toxics Inventory

Environmental Groups Welcome the Decision

For several environmental groups have welcomed the EPA’s decision. For they are stating that it will help to protect the health of communities. That’s especially near oil and gas operations. They also believe that it will encourage companies to reduce their releases. That’s especially of hydrogen sulfide and other toxic gases.


The reinstatement of the TRI reporting requirements for hydrogen sulfide is a positive step. That’s especially towards protecting public health and the environment. By requiring companies to report their releases, concerned citizens can stay informed. Moreover and hold companies accountable for their actions.

The answers, as well as other air quality information, will be available  at community information centers in North Birmingham. That’s as well as on the internet:

North Birmingham Regional Branch Library

2501 31st Ave North

Birmingham, Ala 35207

Hours: Mon.-Tues. 9-8; Wed.-Sat. 9-6; Sun. 2-6(205) 226-4025

The Hudson K-8 School Library
3300 Shuttlesworth Drive
Birmingham, Ala, 35207
Hours: Monday through Friday 8 – 3*
*Contact the school prior to visiting to confirm that the library is available 

JCDH’s website:
EPA’s website:

The information centers and web sites are being established to support community involvement and awareness concerning air quality issues and studies in the area, and will be updated periodically with additional information concerning North Birmingham air quality issues.

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