Small Businesses See Big Savings With Solar

The owners of three small businesses in Northern Westchester have one thing in common-they have all installed solar photovoltaic panels directly on the roofs of their buildings.

“We wanted to give something back to the community, we wanted to reduce our CO2 emissions. The world is not going be the same for my kids as it was for me.”

-Phil Altman, Owner of Healthy Choice Apothecary, Chappaqua

Phil Altman, Healthy Choice Apothecary
Phil Altman, owner of Healthy Choice Apothecary in Chappaqua, invested in an 8.55 kW system last year. Over its lifetime, the system is projected to save 184 tons of CO2. Find out more in the video above.

“I talk to my home-buying clients all the time about how a house is worth a lot more money if they can show that their electric and heating bills are substantially less.”

-Mark Seiden, President/Owner of the Mark Seiden Real Estate Team, Briarcliff Manor

Mark Seiden, Mark Seiden Real Estate Team
Mark Seiden, President/Owner of the Mark Seiden Real Estate Team in Briarcliff Manor, had his 5.175 kW system installed only months prior to our interview. He has already reported a 20% reduction in his electric bills.

“I love new technology, and I like to use whatever is available. I try to keep up on the latest in dentistry, science and so forth. Along with the financial incentives that accrue, solar is a win-win situation.”

-Dr. Robert Amsterdam, Briarcliff Manor

Source: Sunrise Solar Solutions

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