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Look it is green to maintain your car batteries if its an electric vehicle or not. Read these tips and take away what you must know. It’ll help you keep your car and your mind this winter!

By DieHard

Breakdowns and car trouble are bad enough but in the dead of winter they can be dangerous. Don’t let the cold weather get you down! With these easy steps you can Protect Your Vehicle, Protect Your Battery and Protect Yourself from winter’s wrath.

STEP 1: Protecting Your Vehicle

Winter weather can aggravate temperamental engines. I mean so if your car stalls, idles or starts rough, take it to a good repair shop. Especially before you’re stuck without a ride. Be sure to change your oil and oil filter. That’s according to car manual instructions. Also measure the concentration of the coolant mixture with an antifreeze tester.

So a half water half antifreeze solution will refrain from freezing. Especially on even the most frigid nights. Check the air pressure on all tires including the spare and fill if necessary with the DieHard Portable Power 150 PSI air compressor feature.

STEP 2: Protecting Your Battery

If you only examine your DieHard Platinum Automotive Battery once a year, now is the time to do it. Pop the hood and spend some quality time with your DieHard. Examine the battery posts and connections for corrosive deposits and clean if necessary. Check the battery cables for cracks in the insulation and any exposed wires and replace both if any damage is found. Test the battery’s charge using the DieHard Shelf Charger and a temperature compensating hydrometer or digital voltmeter and replace if the state of charge is weak.

STEP 3: Protecting Yourself

Winter is an unpredictable season and while you can’t prevent car trouble and accidents from happening, you can be prepared to handle them. Throw some heavy blankets, warm clothes and hearty snacks in your car to keep you warm and pack a small shovel, sand or salt and a flashlight to help dig you out of any impending situations. Don’t wait on the roadside in the freezing cold for another vehicle to jumpstart your battery. With 1150 peak amps, the DieHard Portable Power unit can have your vehicle up and running in no time and with two 12 volt DC power outlets, you can keep your cell phone at full power if you need to call for assistance.

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