BARRIE, Ont. — December 2, 2011 —Brookfield Residential Services Ltd. of Toronto, GNA Enterprises, and also Robert J. McLarty of Collingwood, Ontario. For they all pleaded guilty on November 28. That’s also in the Ontario Court of Justice. That’s on to two counts each for violations under the Migratory Birds Convention Act, 1994.

Swallow birds

For these violations concern unlawfully destroying Swallow (hirundinidae spp.) nests. As well as also disturbing eggs.


A combined total of $5,750 in fines were ordered to be paid by Brookfield Residential Services Ltd. ($2,500), GNA Enterprises. It’s also known as 2055829 Ontario Limited ($2,500), and McLarty ($750). All were all directed to the Environmental Damages Fund. 


In June 2011, Environment Canada’s Enforcement Branch launched an investigation. That’s after a public complaint was received. For advising of an incident involving the removal of birds nests from buildings. All located within the community of Lighthouse Point in Collingwood. The investigation revealed that between June 3 and June 10, 2011. All because GNA Enterprises removed migratory bird nests without a permit. Some of which held eggs. The nests were removed from several buildings at Lighthouse Point. GNA Enterprises had been hired by Brookfield Residential Services Ltd., under the direction of McLarty, Senior Property Manager, resulting in charges to both companies and to McLarty.

In conclusion, this was administered by Environment Canada. Also the Environmental Damages Fund was created in 1995. That’s to provide the courts and companies with a mechanism to direct monetary penalties and settlements. All to investments in the restoration of the environment.

Source: Environment Canada

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