Google Goes Wind and Bets Further On Solar

According to Bloomberg Magazine, Google taking up wind-power purchases to reduce emissions, even as it devotes most of its renewable energy investments to solar. This egreen hedging of energy-related projects is the “trade-off aimed at reining in costs as the company seeks higher returns.”

Google went to 30 percent green energy with virtually all of it from wind, up from 19 percent a year earlier.

Yet of the $917 million that the company has invested in renewable-energy projects, about two-thirds—or $622 million —is channeled toward solar.

Wind power

Source: Bloomberg

Wind power is at least 50 percent cheaper than solar energy, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. That explains why Google, which consumes 2.26 million megawatt-hours of electricity a year, mainly for data centers that run its billions of Web searches, increasingly prefers wind. Whole Foods Market, Bank of New York Mellon (BK), Starbucks, and Intel are among those companies that made the biggest wind-power purchases in 2010, data compiled by Bloomberg New Energy Finance show.

“Wind energy is the lowest-cost form of renewable energy available now in the U.S.,” says Matt Kaplan, associate director of IHS Emerging Energy Research. “In general, wind has become a much more mature form of renewable energy and it’s now seen as almost a mainstream power generation in the U.S. That wasn’t the case three to four years ago. The industry has made a lot of strides.”

So talk about wind here, Bloomberg further reported that Global wind-energy increased in 2011 by 41 gigawatts!! This can juice up about 12 million U.S. homes, according to the Global Wind Energy Council.

Source: Bloomberg