Tesla Motors and Athlon Car Lease are bringing the Model S, Tesla’s premium electric sedan, into corporate fleets across Europe!!!  

We are talking:

Athlon Car Lease has also reserved 150 Model S sedans to ensure early availability of Model S for its customers.

This is the first Model S fleet reservation made worldwide by a leasing company!!!

The two companies first established a leasing program for the Tesla Roadster and Roadster Sport across Europe in July of last year. Both companies share a commitment to making electric vehicles more easily available and affordable.

“We are excited to kick off Model S leasing with a company that shares our passion for a future of energy efficient vehicles that are incredibly fun to drive,” said George Blankenship, Tesla’s Vice President of Sales and Ownership Experience. “Athlon Car Lease is a valuable partner and is instrumental in our efforts to show customers across Europe the benefits of driving electric.”

“We are thrilled to continue our collaboration with Tesla and to increase our EV offering to our customers under our one-stop-shop policy for electric vehicles”, Hans Blink, President of Athlon Car Lease, confirmed. “As a leading mobility provider, sustainability and innovation are in Athlon’s DNA and at the very core of our business. We believe that bringing EV solutions closer to customers is key in increasing the adoption of electric vehicles in the market. We are thus proud to be – once more – a frontrunner in promoting change in our industry.”

Richard Sikkel, Senior Vice President Commerce at Athlon Car Lease International, confirms:“Our collaboration with Tesla has been very well perceived by the market. Almost 50 % of our initial order have already been pre-reserved by several of Athlon’s existing customers – an example that demonstrates the increasing need for electric vehicles in the industry.”’

Source: Tesla Motors

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