Thanks goes to GreenSmart for their providing a sample backpack for my son to try. Given my son loves the backpack and will use it for sleep away camp.

The bag really has some great options on the bag and also an extensive line of stylish eco-friendly MacBook and laptop sleeves, backpacks, messenger bags and wine/water carriers.

GreenSmart’s products are designed to be green from concept, through materials development, to execution. The company’s variety of bags are made from toxin-free Neogreene material, as well as 100% recycled plastic bottles. In fact, they even include the number of plastic bottles used on each bag! Our son’s backpack said 40 bottles. Cool!!

Also, the company names many of its products after endangered animals, and in their support, GreenSmart donates 10% of its profits to non-profit organizations helping to create a greensmart planet.

Thank You For The Mandrill Laptop Backpack

Stow your sweatshirt under the cord, your laptop in the separate access garage (up to 16”), have a large mid-section for your notebooks or texts and a front pocket for the smaller stuff and you’re good to go. And don’t miss the two side pockets for bottles or cellphones. For comfort, airmesh straps with an integrated handle make this backpack a delight to carry, by hand, or on your shoulders. And, 40 bottles are used to make the interior and exterior fabrics.

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