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In celebration of “Green is Universal’s” Earth Week, The Weather Channel presents its latest original series “Turbine Cowboys,” premiering Tuesday, April 17 at 9 p.m. ET.

Wind Turbine Cowboys and Oklahoma has faced steep cuts to its state education budget in recent years, but wind payments have helped bridge the gap for many small-town districts.

As CleanTechnica reported:

“Turbine Cowboys” is a reality series. It premiered on The Weather Channel. So anyone with an interest in clean energy should check it out. So given the highly mechanized nature of wind turbine construction and the use of robotic devices for maintenance, you’ve got a show. K mean the human element is at work. Turbine Cowboys is an important reminder that while renewable energy is cleaner and safer. Furthmeoerm and in terms of emissions and overall public health impacts. However that does not necessarily translate into a low-risk work environment.

As well, Mother Nature is a powerful force. Furthermore taming her is nearly impossible. Wind turbine workers risk their lives building, maintaining and repairing every day.

So these monolithic, modern day windmills – the wind turbines. These men and women are pushed to the limit both physically and emotionally. So as they brave extreme weather, dizzying heights and possible electrocution. Thereby revealing the high-risk work environment.

For more information on “Turbine Cowboys,” visit IMDB

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