Cool Greening Weather Channel Style

Earth Watch: During this weekly feature on all TWC’s live shows, including “Wake Up with Al” and “Your Weather Today,” TWC meteorologist Carl Parker will discuss the state of our environment.

Recycling: The Weather Channel offers an informative, yet entertaining, feature on recycling, including some of the most creativeways people are recycling.

Open Mike:Meteorologist and “Your Weather Today” host Mike Bettes will give his take on various important and interesting environment issues.

Weather Walking:Meteorologist Mark Elliot will hit the streets to test people’s knowledge on recycling and the environment, often producing humorous results.

Weather Wizard: Meteorologist Mark Elliot will demonstrate a fun experiment focused on recycling.

The Weather Channel’s will feature green content relating to lifestyle interests, travel, outdoors, health and home & garden.

Source: The Weather Channel

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