Summer is nearly here, and this recipe celebrates our first cantaloupes of the season! Melons are best eaten alone for digestion, and this recipe is easy and true to proper food combining! Best when savored in the sun! Enjoy this cool treat!


Unlimited Cantaloupe (if you eat enough, this can be eaten as a full meal)
Few Sprigs of Mint
Blueberries (Optional)


Wait until your cantaloupe properly ripens. If you wait until it is soft at the end and smells potent, the taste will be significantly sweeter!
Cut the skin off of the cantaloupe. Get as close to the edge as you can as to avoid waste.
Cut the cantaloupe into chunks.
Freeze the cantaloupe in a ziploc bag or in another container.
After it is frozen, place the chunks into a food processor with a few sprigs of mint.
Scoop out the sorbet and top with a few more mint sprigs and a blueberry.
Enjoy this sweet treat! Best savored in the sun!

This recipe is created for all co-operators with love by Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram! Hugs!

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