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I was recently asked my opinion on the State of Electric Cars in America.  That is a very difficult and also a very easy answer (at the same time).
The State is currently eh.  Why?  There has been not been an effective deployment strategy of electric cars and the placement of EV chargers in America.
More importantly there are no connections between mass transit and electric cars for a clean commute.
There have also not been smart integrations between clean commutes, electric cars and the potential for Vehicle to Grid technologies.  
All of these concepts would without question spur the economy because when I worked for the New York Power Authority and ran their clean commute program it took minimal investments for the gross domestic product of that program was in the millions (with only 100 THINK City electric cars) after 9/11.

So what is a clean commute program you ask?  I’ll tell you. The NYPA/THINK Clean Commute Program allowed interconnectivity between electric cars and transit locations in New York.

People leased the THINK City for 199 per month and were able to get guaranteed up front parking at train stations, free EV charging at train stations and the home.  We even were able to get transit checks to customers. This reduced the EV drivers costs for transit.

Based on the success of that program we were able to have a Phase Two that would have included solar charging, vehicle to grid demonstrations and 400 members. By now it would have been millions I tell you. Millions.

This program was created and during Who Killed The Electric Car when car companies tried to kill the THINK City. So no more program and no more coordination. Look I am not looking for a job here (even though I am the typical starving author) but even Harvard or Yale evaluated the program and thought it to be the best thing since sliced bread.

Now if people have a problem with me then create the program to spite me. If not please recognize I am here.  

The economic impact of proper coordination for effective EV deployment in america would grow this country by leaps and bounds.  There were people that were marketing the cars at train stations funded by Ford (jobs). Electricians and contractors building EV charging stations and interconnecting with Con Edison or LIPA. Jobs. Engineers and designers were involved in NYPA. It was great to give back to NYPA for even allowing me to develop for NYPA this program.

So what is stopping us from unleashing the American spirit?  The employment needed and the ability to reduce oil and help the grid?  Me?  Do I smell?? Not today but that’s besides the point.

We need an America and electric car deployment strategy for Plug in hybrid electric cars. Here’s a hint people..if some people in California can work with UC and the federal government to create Prius / Ford Escape hybrid electric cars to become PHEVs, why not create jobs and help these hybrids become phev cars. Then you can get the 1 million EV cars you want on roads.

A recent article noted “Bright Automotive is an Indiana and Michigan-based company developing the Bright IDEA vehicle. The vehicle is a plug-in hybrid electric commercial van that delivers unprecedented fuel economy and utility while significantly lowering the total cost of ownership. Bright’s technology is on the road and is being tested by the Department of Defense and other fleets. The company reports it has anxious customers ready to buy its vehicles, with half of its customer base small businesses – the growth engine of jobs in America – which will save thousands of dollars per vehicle every year. ”

While that is a plug in hybrid electric car and EVs are better, we need to slowly reduce our reliance on oil. It’s gonna be a slow process to get us off our addiction. One day at a time. 

Also to car companies that are creating electric cars. Let’s invigorate the American Spirit of effective programs and spur this economy. The public private partnership that worked works. As Tim Gunn says, “Make it Work!”. My wife loves that guy. 

Second, deploy all clean commute programs across the country where there is mass transit. I guarantee you the numbers will jump. DC people are working and commuting.  Along the BART mass transit line.  San Fran, Berkeley, Danville people commute.  Chicago, Boston and all the cities I’ve reported are ready for EV cars. 

After you do that or get to a point, the free market will have developed batteries that are cheap to make each car go 300 or 400 miles on a charge. 

If this can’t happen today then maybe the globe can take a hint. I’m available and ready to work.

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