Lately I have been asked whether or not to take out debt. First off a credit card and energy efficiency don’t usually go together. You know, since going green makes sense and is profitable.

That nice and cute but business credit card offers, or personal credit cards is not more forte. I wish it was. They are experts in that field.

However, i do see the average household credit card debt skyrocketing and not getting reduced by people across the nation.  That is why I believe energy efficiency can help reduce our nations debt woes.

That is why in my book Do It Yourself Home Energy Audits, we talk about simple no cost and low-cost measures to identify problems and dramatically increase the efficiency and cash back in your pocket!!

Hunter Douglas Duette Architella, credit card, energy efficiency, shade
Hunter Douglas Duette Architella energy efficiency shades

Think about it.  Energy efficiency or constant debt problems.  Sustainabile lifestyle versus life in debt. Hmmmmm.

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