Facebook Fans go GQ GREEN to Determine One Entrepreneurial, Eco-Friendly Idea Worth $100,000

Facebook fans are allowed to vote until Monday, November 26th for the five selected finalists for the possibility to earn $100,000 HERE——-www.AGentlemansCall.com

So the real deal is that each one of these ideas are green or local and community based which is green.

According to GQ, the five finalists best personifies the pillars or craftsmanship, philanthropy, and entrepreneurship.

Each finalist has amazing ideas in reusable water, environmentally beneficial furniture design, artisanal bakeries and cooking education to low income communities, to urban farms on top of supermarkets.

You can check out videos on each of the finalist at www.AGentlemansCall.com and full details below but you’ve got to be logged into Facebook folks.


After a four month search and thousands of entries that were initially pitched on a napkin, Ketel One® and GQ are proud to announce the five finalists selected for “A Gentleman’s Call,” the search for one innovative, entrepreneurial idea worth a $100,000. Facebook fans of GQ can now vote via http://www.AGentlemansCall.com until Monday, November 26th to choose the concept that best personifies the pillars of craftsmanship, philanthropy, and entrepreneurship, plus proves that craft and conviction are not lost arts.

From the mass of entries, five concepts were selected that exemplify a higher standard of thinking and living. “There were so many great ideas, but in the end, these five individuals truly answered a higher call, ” said Carl Nolet, Jr., Executive Vice President of Nolet Spirits USA. “We’re honored to have been part of this exploration and feel that these concepts celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit and virtue of craftsmanship evident throughout the history of Ketel One. There is no better way to honor our heritage than by investing and fostering an idea that will set an example for modern gentleman everywhere.”

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Tom Rachlin (Boulder, Colo.) Everyday, gallons of water are wasted. However, through mechanical craftsmanship, Rachlin has a systematic plan to turn this wasted water into a reusable resource. Rachlin’s Clean Water Reserve Project will use infrared technology to distinguish between “used water” and “unused water.” For example, when shaving, the system will determine between clean water and would collect it into a reserve tank for later use such as watering the lawn, washing a car or bathing a pet saving gallons of water each year.

Corbin Clay (Denver, Colo.) The Rocky Mountains consist of 4 million acres of beetle-killed pinewood posing a large forest fire risk. However, when the wood is harvested and turned into lumber, the risk becomes a resource. Clay has tapped this resource for his furniture business, The Azure Furniture. Originally trained by a German carpenter and using the artisanal skills of his apprenticeship, Clay uses the abundant wood to create furniture that is crafted to be both affordable and environmentally beneficial.

Daniel Burstein (Jacksonville, Fla.) As Burstein was stopped at a city intersection, he looked across the corner at his local grocery store chain and realized how much space was wasted on the building’s roof. The thought led to his idea to create urban farms on top of supermarkets that will yield fresh produce to be later sold in the store below. Picked in the morning and sold later that afternoon, the project offers shoppers the wholesomeness of an artisanal farmer with the convenience of a modern grocery store.

Adam Johnson (New York, N.Y.) New York City is a jungle of steel, wood, brick and concrete but Johnson sees it as furniture. Johnson’s company, Withers & Grain, takes materials from demolished New York buildings and uses them to craft and carve sustainable design masterpieces. The result is high quality, upcycled furniture that are used in homes, restaurants and high-end, cocktail lounges across the city.

Rance Loftsgard (Philadelphia, Pa.) Loftsgard yearns to open artisanal bakeries in impoverished areas that will provide nourishment in more ways than one. The bakeries would create community centers and spur economic growth through culinary training, business education and employment opportunities to underprivileged residents. This example of social entrepreneurship is called Bread4Change and for every loaf purchased, Loftsgard would donate one to a family in need.

I’ll tell you who I vote for in a later post!

Sources: Gentlemen’s Quarterly (GQ) www.AGentlemansCall.com in partnership and funded in part by Kettle One www.facebook.com/KetelOne @KetelOne