Yup!! MSi has set sail with Carnival Cruise Lines, re-lamping the LEGEND and MIRACLE with long life MSi GU10 lamps, saving more than 80% on fuel consumption on board the huge cruise ships.

Now you might think I am out of my mind but here me out yet MSi is converting Carnival Cruises onto going green lighting and LED!! Why? Fuel Fuel Fuel!! The corporate people get Green Lighting!! Why don’t others? Hmmmm..

The 4.5 watt MSi iGU10 as compared to the 50 watt Philips GU10 – is actually 90% less consumption in wattage per light bulb, but hey, who’s counting. MSi is basically reducing the fuel necessary to light up the lights by 80%.

How Much Money Are We Talking?

According to a recent analysis of Carnival Cruise ships, fuel is a big big cost. Yet it is not as much as you would think. It is only about 20 percent of the total budget. Yet, here is in 2011, even though fuel prices were relatively high by historical standards, total fuel costs were $2.19B, or about 20% of total cruise operating expenses. Look at the proportion of cruise costs and fuel consumptions exponential increases.image


Proportion of Cruise Costs
2011 21.7%
2010 18.2%
2009 14.1%

Fuel Costs For Carnival Cruises Equals $2.19Billion according to recent reports.

In other words, they spent $2.19 Billion on fuel!! So let’s take according to industry standards 27 percent of the fuel budget is for lighting. That is about $591.3 MILLION DOLLARS A YEAR IN POTENTIAL CASH SAVINGS FOR THE ENTIRE FLEET OF CARNIVAL CRUISES!. AGAIN ANNUALLY!!

Now they haven’t done the entire fleet in LED yet but they are getting there! The best part of that number is it goes up every year based of fuel prices rising so they want to go green. They want to be energy efficient because it is not some hoaky thing or a Grateful Dead show (loved those) but it is saving cash for the bottom line.

Net quarterly profits annually are not even close to that amount. It would be like a tax holiday or something!!

Now when you think about that for TEN YEARS constantly on without paying for maintenance on the bulb.

Corporate Profits

Imagine how much money that would save for a corporation. So imagine it is going up three percent or more annually. That is another 109,500,000Million a YEAR MORE. So now we are at $2,299,500 For Fuel. Yet I think I read somewhere that their budget took a hit with a 12 percent increase!! OUCH!

What does this mean?

Go Green Lighting CEO or Management Facility Coordinator or go Home!

BTW, who do you think is working on Carnival Cruises (MSi Lighting)!!

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