MSi lighting has been taking the furniture industry by storm…more than 1000 furniture showrooms across America. The TOP furniture stores buy in groups to keep costs down on lighting (even though they take it at the monthly bills for electricity). Both the TOP furniture chains have all chosen MSi. Seriously!!

Why?,,,Why do so many people prefer MSi? Time and time again, MSi rocks the house as the best when the lightng really counts – like in furniture! We know that MSi’s correctness of the color (CCT) is more consistent, MSi lamps run cooler. MSi’s patented optic provides a “crisper” or cleaner light, and here is the kicker:

MSi’s punch that comes from the middle of the lamp (CBCP) delivers the most lumens per watt per lamp in the industry. Their proprietary design ensures our product simply outperforms all the competition!!

When you have a furniture showroom like RC Willey or Sprintz Furniture in North Carolina or frankly any Thomasville across the USA, there are THOUSANDS of hot PAR lamps shining down on Millions of dollars or merchandise. Well, the MSi PAR and now the XPAR (check out the bulb to the top left of the website) make their products look amazing! The grays, beiges and accents show the true colors of the furniture.

The rich tones come through and the ability to light up merchandise from a 12’ ceiling are truly awesome.

As they say folks, a picture is work a thousand words. MSi LED lamps are worth millions to that retailer. Heck, they use less wattage versus the halogens. Talk about eating into corporate profits for no freaking reason; right??

So MSi bulbs last more than 10 years and burn all day long!! They use a fraction of the wattage of the halogen or a CFL!!! (YES I SAID IT)!!


RC Willey Furniture in North CarolinaRC Willey Furniture in North Carolina

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