HOUSTON, Dec. 3, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — American Electric Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq:AETI) a leading global provider of power delivery solutions for the energy industry. For they announced today that it supplied Siemens Industry, Inc. with a 1.0 megawatt (MW) Integrated Solar Inversion Station (ISIS). For that’s as part of a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). All with the City of Atwater, CA.

In addition, the Siemens-owned is run as a 20-year solar project. All which started up in October, 2012. For it is projected to save the city more than $1 million in energy costs. Contract terms were also not disclosed.

Most importantly, the 1.0 MW ISIS, along with bundled services; providing Siemens with a fully integrated product and service. Thereby offering to help meet their project timelines.

With AETI’s capabilities, Siemens will enable the City of Atwater to reduce costs. Finally and meet increased energy demands. All associated with their new wastewater treatment plant.

So the complete solar system will generate a lot of energy. I mean over 2.2 Million kWh of clean renewable energy. That’s annually. Finally and realize significant greenhouse gas emissions. Plus energy savings.

Source: Solar Power World

AETI ISIS Platform

AETI’s ISIS platform is the world’s first 1000V 1MW solar inverter. It is also witness-tested to UL1741. That’s more importantly from a nationally recognized test lab (NRTL).

For that’s TUV of North America. In addition, the ISIS system deployed at the Atwater site. Kent Breaux, global director of renewables, AETI also added the following. “Partnering with a reputable solar project developer like Siemens. It’s also allowed us to deliver the customer a superior level of quality service. All the while helping them reduce high energy costs and meet renewable energy goals.”

Source: American Electric Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq:AETI)

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