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E-ride low speed electric vehicle. Perfect for a farm or planned community. #lsv #electriccars #lowspeedelectricvehicle So it's totally a low speed electric vehicle (LSV). E-ride low speed electric vehicle. Perfect for a farm or planned community. #lsv #electriccars #lowspeedelectricvehicle

So it’s totally a low speed electric vehicle (LSV). 

e-ride Industries was born out of humble beginnings in 2004 in Princeton, MN. The company was founded by John Herou. John was an electrical contractor and owner of Classic Golf Car Company. I mean in his previous life.

e-ride Industries

The vision of e-ride Industries electric vehicles came to light when the National Highway Traffic Safety Admin. (NHTSA) created a new class of motor vehicle. In addition it’s called the Low Speed Vehicle (a.k.a the Neighborhood Electric Vehicle). That was also in 1998.

Low speed electric e-ride

So John had learned through the years that most of his customers weren’t using his Classics on the golf course. However, it was for transportation purposes around the neighborhood. With the new classification and the feedback from his customers who wanted something larger, more utility based, and more automotive, John began designs for the first prototype. In the Spring of 2003, after 4 years of research and development, the first prototype was built.


Since then, a group of young entrepreneurs and engineers have combined their talents to build a quality product and a quality business. e-ride Industries current models are a culmination of all the knowledge built up since the beginning, a lot of hard work, vision, and passion. Our vehicles are purpose built from the ground up to fit the the low speed electric, passenger and utility markets – they are not converted gasoline vehicle or golf carts made into something they were never intended to be.

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