JT’s come a long way from his blonde curls in his InSync days to his classic cool hairstyle in his new “Suit & Tie” video. His new look is modern and effortlessly cool. The hair gurus at Hanz de Fuko explain how to get the look at home. Items required – Fine toothed comb, blow dryer, HdF Hybridized Wax and HdF Sponge Wax (Optional: Gel Triq)

  1. Wash hair (HdF Shampoo/Conditioner)
  2. Towel Dry Hair
  3. Evenly distribute light amount of Hybridized Wax throughout entire head
  4. Side-part hair with fine toothed comb
  5. Press and hold parted side down against side of head with palm of your hand while blow-drying the rest of the hair in desired direction (this gives the parted side a sleek look, while providing volume and shape to the rest of the hair.
  6. Apply HdF Sponge wax to dried section for texture, and hold. Note: If more shine is desired, emulsify equal parts HdF Gel Triq and Sponge Wax in palm before application INSTEAD of Sponge Wax alone.

And for more information, check out the link for a video how-to.

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