New York State’s First Fuel Efficient Auto Show. 

Get behind the wheel of today’s most advanced Hybrid, Electric and Plug-in

NYS First Fuel efficient auto show Bedford 20/20
NYS First Fuel efficient auto show Bedford 20/20

Hybrid cars — with MPGs from 45 to 105!

Ms. Ellen Rouse Conrad and Ms. Olivia H. Farr co-founded the organization Bedford 2020 to encourage members of the community to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and preserve natural resources in 2010.  The organization exceeded its goal to lower greenhouse gas emissions by 20 percent. Thereby prompting Bedford 2020 to expand and become Bedford 2030.  The organization inspired many people. For that’s including Bedford, New York resident eighth-grader Avery Kim.

Bedford 2020’s motivation was the Town of Bedford’s Climate Action Plan.  The Town of Bedford Energy Advisory Panel and the Bedford Garden Club. For they held the Bedford Environmental Summit January 31, 2009.

The intention of the summit was to further educate locals on the most significant environmental concerns. Thereby sparking the Climate Action Plan and the 20 percent reduction goal.  The Climate Action Plan also focused on energy efficiency. Also renewable energy. In addition food and agriculture. Then transportation, and recycling. All as the five main action areas. I mean they hoped to address.

Ride and drive at the show:

So of Course we will have a Tesla Model S.

Here’s the Nissan Leaf expected to show up I heard!

Nissan Leaf EV at Bedford 20/20 auto show

BMW Active E


BMW ActiveE. Electronaut. Active E

  1. Chevy Volt
  2. Malibu Eco
  3. Toyota Prius
  4. Prius v
  5. Prius c
  6. Prius Plug-in Hybrid
  7. Honda Accord Plug-in
  8. Civic, CR-Z,
  9. Insight
  10. Lexus RX450H, CT200H, ES300H .
  11. ..and more!

Get the complete picture about Fuel Efficient Electric Drive Vehicles. All in one place. Most importantly all at one time. Yes folks I am telling you it happened. I mean every Electric. Then we came with hybrid. Finally and Plug-in Hybrid car. All available on the market in New York State.

Sunrise solar ev charging station

Here’s even my friends showing their solar EV charging station. So clearly folks, if you have an EV or Hybrid bring it. Most important, it’s for the first ever fuel efficient auto show for display.

So to register for Owner’s Corner participation. Please visit  Also click on the Come Show Your Car tab.

Sunday, April 2811am – 5pm (rain or shine)

Location is Grand Prix New York. That’s at the Park
333 North Bedford Road, Mount Kisco, New York!

Please email Also or call (914) 620-2411.
Plugging in a plugin prius at the first Bedford fuel efficient car show

Tesla roadster at Mt kisco green car show

ChargePoint Electric Vehicle charging station for display at #bedford2020 #bedfordny #newyork #electriccar #ev #electricvehicle

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  1. This is great news. I am so glad that more companies are adding Hybrid vehicles to their fleet. Hopefully more companies follow suit in an effort to cleanse the world of pollutants.

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