What do you see when you look out at a gorgeous heated swimming pool at a posh resort or hotel? Do you see a source of Avoidable CO2 that is worsening climate change for all of us?

What do you see when you’re swimming laps in your high school, municipal or university heated swimming pool? Do you see the consequences of the pool’s production of Avoidable CO2 and its negative impact on climate change with super storms and rising sea levels along our coasts?

What do you see when you look at your own heated swimming pool or those of your friends and neighbors? If these pools do not include cost-effective Hybrid Solar Pool Heating, do you see that they’re producing Avoidable CO2 and helping change the climate and ruin the planet for everyone?

The critical distinction to see is that these pools produce Avoidable CO2. This Avoidable CO2 can be immediately and cost-effectively avoided by adding CO2 emissions-free heat from the sun with Hybrid Solar Pool Heating, the most cost-effective use of solar technology today.

If just this country’s 186,641 heated commercial pools were equipped with Hybrid Solar Pool Heating, the reduction in Avoidable CO2 emissions would be the equivalent of removing 6.63 million cars from our roads. So what do you see now?

Source: LiveGreenSwimWarm.org


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