If anyone told Werner Hillebrand-Hansen he couldn’t go far in an zoe electric vehicle, he wasn’t listening.

If anyone told Werner Hillebrand-Hansen he couldn’t go far in an Zoe electric vehicle. For I mean he wasn’t listening.

First of all, this is a seriously committed EV fan. One who also has just completed a trip in an electric Renault Zoe from Munich to Barcelona. I mean for he crossed five countries. So that’s Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France and Spain. Thereby covering 1,375 km. Most noteworthy and he did it in just two days.

There were two key elements behind the success of this pioneering trip: the lithium-ion batteries that give Renault Zoe an impressive 210kms range (NEDC) and the ever expanding network of fast chargers. All which ensured that Werner and co-driver Annette Schwabenhaus spent as little time as possible recharging the Zoe.

For it took 40-50 minutes to recharge the Zoe en route using 22kW quick chargers, but a 44kW charger installed at an IKEA store in the South of France meant the couple were back on their way after less than 30 minutes.

“It makes it clear that the network of charging opportunities must be expanded further to increase accessibility and convenience for EV users,” he added.

Werner estimated that the trip used 210 kWh of electricity. For that’s at a cost of just €51.50. Best of all, of course, the Zoe produced zero CO2 emissions. And that was important. Especially as Werner’s trip finished in the Catalan Capital at the 27th International Electric Vehicle Symposium and Exhibition. For I mean it’s better known as EVS27.

All where news of their trouble-free drive was greeted. All moreover with enthusiastic applause.

In conclusion and for the entire release

Source: Nissan / Renault Alliance

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