URB-E Launches crowdfunding campaign Gone E-Bike Successful


Located in Agoura Hills, CA, Egological Mobility Solutions, Inc. is an Urban Mobility firm that focuses on the urban landscape solutions. They have recently launched an electric bike / vehicle called URB-E to be the last mile solution.

This bike seen here was created by a team of top-end designers, including a lead engineer for Porsche. The URB-E is the world’s most compact e-bike’ish vehicle with a 20-mile range on a single charge and a top speed of 15 mph.

As in their mission, the URB-E was totally made to solve that first mile/last mile problem endured by commuters around the globe.

It folds to fit next to you on a train, subway, bus, or in the trunk of your car.

“I realized that there was a growing need for the last mile commuter,” said Grant Delgatty, co-founder and CEO. “URB-E solves this problem by being able to always stay with you.”

The designers bring years of experience designing a number of digital, mechanical and clothing products.

They’ve worked as chief designers, brand managers and lead engineers with such companies as:
Nike, Disney
and Vans shoes

URB-E has even gone and joined forces with Foes Racing; a production facility in Pasadena, Calif., that makes handmade, high-end downhill mountain bikes. So now, boom! Production is set to begin in spring 2014.

Source: URB-E, To learn more about URB-E, visit http://urb-e.com/press/.

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