(Washington, D.C.): In response to President Obama’s speech today on new fuel efficiency standards for heavy trucks, ACEEE Transportation Program Director Therese Langer made the following statement:

“ACEEE strongly supports the president’s work to continue the improvements in heavy-duty vehicle fuel efficiency initiated through the first phase of standards, adopted in 2011. There are major opportunities to further reduce heavy-duty truck fuel consumption while saving truck owners thousands of dollars per year, and the actions announced today will help to ensure that these savings are realized.

“The president rightly highlights the potential for efficiency through technologies that have not yet fully entered the heavy-duty vehicle market, including advanced engines and powertrains, hybridization, and advanced aerodynamics. His citation of the SuperTruck program, which is demonstrating the feasibility of cutting tractor-trailers’ fuel consumption in half by 2015, gives an indication of how significant savings from a strong second phase of the standards could be.”

To learn more about further opportunities for fuel efficiency gains for heavy-duty vehicles, check out the ACEEE fact sheet: https://aceee.org/files/pdf/fact-sheet/hd-oil-reduction.pdf

Source: ACEEE

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