Los Angeles artist Keri Rosebraugh just completed work on a 20 feet wide by 8 feet tall storefront sign she created using 6,000 pieces of trash. Divided into 5 separate panels due to weight limitations, the colorful montaged signage can be currently viewed above Co-op 28 Boutique’s front doors on Vermont Ave., in Los Feliz, CA.

Disturbed by seeing how much garbage gets thrown onto our streets every day, Keri began picking up bottle caps, containers and wrappers, sorting them by color, then gluing them onto boards much like a mosaic or collage. The large size of the project led her to dumpster dive in nearby alleys and eventually recruit neighbors to save their trash for her.

“This project was something that everybody could get involved in, because every person generates trash. I am inspired by how many people in my community came together and actually got excited to participate. Kids kept pointing out their old toothbrushes, soda cans, and other objects they donated, smiling once they found them on the sign.”

Keri’s artwork offers proof that skillful, interesting art can be environmentally-minded while being upbeat and fun at the same time.

It’s is also encouraging to know that trash destined for the landfill has found a new life as canvas and paint.

Short video of Co-op 28 signage project on You Tube:


Co-op 28 sign can be viewed at:

Co-op 28 Boutique

1728 Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027

Source: Keri Rosebraugh http://www.kerirosebraugh.com October 29, 2013, Los Angeles, CA