As the threat of global warming and climate change continues to be an issue for our entire planet, corporations everywhere are now doing their bit to reduce their carbon footprint. While electric cars and sustainable forestry were the way forward some years ago, today, every industry is taking an interest in social responsibility, including the gaming industry.

Green Casino Chips made from Recycled Plastic
Green Casino Chips made from Recycled Plastic







Understandably, with high electricity consumption, high wastage and pollution from parking, casinos the world over are contributing to climate change. Concerns over the Las Vegas casinos use of water has come to a head lately, with some reports suggesting that the city will soon run out of water.

The Standards Committee for Sustainable Gaming

In 2009, a committee was formed to monitor the social responsibility of the gaming industry, with Eric Hansel, president of EGM Green elected as chairman. Officers within the committee were appointed by the Leonardo Academy, a third party ANSI-accredited organization that develops sustainable gaming standards. The committee’s aims include reducing emissions and working with more sustainable materials.

How the casinos are getting involved

One particular company that’s doing its bit for its carbon footprint is the aforementioned EGM Green, which claims to be the first company to develop ‘completely green’ casino tables, gaming seating and luxury lounge furniture. With both its casinos games, including poker, blackjack and roulette and its furniture being made in ‘green’ factories, the company promises that the manufacture of its products has no gas or chemical run off.

Social responsibility has not bypassed the big boys, however – many large hotels and casinos in Vegas are doing their bit to promote greener gambling, such as the MGM Resort’s Green Advantage program. With five basic aims, from understanding the environmental impact the resort has to developing business with green-thinking companies, the company is striving to move forward with technology to ensure its carbon footprint is kept to a minimum.

How casinos measure up

In the United States, the least environmentally friendly sectors are the energy, utilities and agricultural sectors, which means casinos have far to go before they’re deemed green sinners. However, with organizations such as the Standards Committee playing their part, today we are seeing much more use of controlled air conditioning, solar power and energy-efficient showers within Vegas Strip hotels. You can also play your part, too – from playing online to switching off the cool air when you leave your hotel room, to make sure the gaming industry’s carbon footprint continues to decrease.

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