South Africa is famous for our enlightened, balanced view of nature. Tourists flock to see our big seven on land – and underwater – and we lead the world with innovative conservation strategies. We understand the fragile balance of life and the importance of a healthy environment to our country’s economics.

South Africa was the first country to protect White Sharks in 1993 – an animal still so threatened, it could largely disappear during our lifetimes. We realize the importance this animal plays keeping critical ecosystems as well as our economy healthy. And today, South Africa is the only country in the world to encourage tourists to visit their Big 7. Over $7 million dollars of the South African economy is comprised of white shark tourism in Gaansbai alone. Most South Africans respect and appreciate the importance of predators in an ecosystem – and work hard to keep white sharks protected.

Great white sharks are highly migratory species; the very same sharks we South Africans rely upon to keep our most critical ecosystem healthy and countless individuals employed; the very same sharks that we have worked since the 90s to protect are the very same sharks that Western Australia are so thoughtlessly destroying. How we can we possibly allow the ignorant targeteing of some of the last remaining white sharks while wreaking complete havoc on an ecosystem we cherish and upon which we depend?

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