Many people don’t realise that they can make a range of ethical choices whilst away from their homes. Many people use vending machines without a second thought of how the products were sourced and traded.

So look out for the Fair Trade logo ( or the Rainforest Alliance logo ( when choosing a vending machine would be fantastic.

If we can make just a small difference in people’s behaviour, then this will have a big impact on foreign trading at a fair price, and will also help to protect the world’s rainforests.

For example, a Kenco rainforest alliance branded equipment and coffee has:

Full change giving coin mechanism
Compatible with all Payment Systems
600 cup capacity
7oz or 9oz drinks
3 sugar options
3 strength options
2 milk options
Tea, Coffee and speciality drinks
Hot Chocolate
Jug Fill Facility
Energy saving mode
Optional cold drinks


Large site promoting sustainable and Rainforest AllianceIMG_2173.PNG

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