By: Fiona Greyson

You can make many smart home improvements in your home, which won’t cost you too much, but will improve the quality of living of your entire family. The eco-friendly ideas listed below will make your home a nice place to live in and will reduce your electricity and heating bills. They can also make your home sustainable. You can use the advices for creating greener and healthy renovations without the usage of toxic chemicals. Follow the step and make the improvement to design the ecologically and environmentally safe home, you dream of. Before and after every renovation you need to do a thorough cleaning.

The environmentally smart renovations will not only reduce your bills, but also make your property more expensive when reselling. They will help in saving the environment as well. This investments will definitely pay off and are an intelligent way to improve your home, without having to pay too much. You can start with cleaning you place well, hiring some professional cleaning company like W12 Deluxe carpet cleaning to help you. Another smart thing you can do is making an isolation of your entire home – walls, floors and ceilings. Investing in home isolation will decrease the greenhouse gas releases from the heating and cooling of your house or apartment. It also will reduce your bill for heating, electricity and using fans and air conditionings. If you decide to sell your property this smart renovation will increase its price and sustainability.

The bigger your home is, the more you have to make changes in it. You will also have more cleaning work in your house or flat. Make sure the consequences of your heating and cooling are not catastrophic for the environment. If you want to have an eco-friendly house you need to make some renovations, which require improvement constructions. The smaller houses need smaller renovations, less expenses and cleaning work. A smart way to improve your home is investing in rainwater tanks and solar hot water. They decrease your electricity bill and in the warm seasons, providing you with hot water every time when it’s sunny. You just need to check if your house is appropriate for installing solar system heating. Investing once in this renovation, you will ensure your family an ecological way to have warm water. It pays off very fast.

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Although large rooms and spaces are trendy at the moment, they are not practical, because they are time-consuming and difficult for cleaning. Smaller and divided spaces are easier to heat, cool and to maintain clean. You should think about your children when building and renovating your home. When they become teenagers, they will prefer to live independently in separate rooms. When you install central heating, you should find a way to insulate the rooms and spaces, you don’t use, so that you won’t heat them unnecessary.

Skylights are a wonderful way to use the natural light. The best choice you can make is choosing double glazed skylights. They can be overshadowed and opened in the summer. Eaves may be a little old-fashionable, but can be very useful. They keep a shadow over your house in the summer, when it’s too hot and the sun rises very high. In the winter they bring the sunlight inside your house, because the sun is very low and its rays can penetrate under the eve. Although eaves are a little retro, they can work a fantastic job. Bring back the eave near your house and you won’t regret it.

A good way to reduce your energy loss is installing and using the system of drain water heat recovery. It is a green and ecological way to save energy. When you use hot water to take a shower, wash your hands or the dishes, the water goes down the drain. With this special system you reuse the heat again and decrease your bills. All renovations and construction work should be followed by cleaning the place.

There are many ways to design the home of your dreams with ecological resources. Most home improvement renovations are low cost and effective. They solve you a lot of problems and use the natural resources of the environment. This is a smart way to make your living easier and less expensive.IMG_2118.JPG